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Resident Education & Development

Central Office Staff

Resident Education and Development is located on the second floor of Scioto Hall.  Six team members comprise the central office team.  Their roles are described below.

Assistant Directors (ADs)

Three assistant directors (ADs) each provides oversight for a portion of the residence halls and supervises residence coordinators.  They also work with student leadership groups, student employees, programming, project development and staff development. 

If a problem cannot be successfullly resolved at the hall with the assistance of an RA and RHD, an assistant director is the next resource.

Administrative Coordinator

RED's administrative coordinator handles processes associated with hiring, payroll, and purchasing.  However, students with any payroll-related concerns should address their concern through their supervisor (ARC or RHD), who can probably resolve the matter at the hall level.

Administrative Secretary

The administrative secretary for RED provides organizational and clerical support to all members of the central office staff, maintains appointment calendars and supplies, and provides information and referrals for students, parents, staff, and faculty.

Assistant Residence Coordinator (ARC)

The assistant residence coordinator for the central office advises our chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH); coordinates the RA Blackboard group; and completes other projects of interest or need.

Director of Resident Education and Development

The director of resident education and development currently also serves as an assistant dean of students. 

The director is charged with providing overall leadership of the department, including planning, supervision, budgeting, and student support.  The director is the primary liaison to other offices, including Housing & Food Services.

Any central office member can be reached via our main phone line at 513-556-6476.

  • Thembi Carr,
        Assistant Director
        (Morgens Hall)
  • Bryan Smith,
        Assistant Director
        (Calhoun, Schneider,
        and Turner Halls
    , Campus
        Park Apartments, and
        Stratford Heights Village
  • Michelle Sujka,
        Assistant Director
        (CRC-Dabney, Daniels,
        and Siddall Halls,
        and University Park
  • Kathy Storer,
        Administrative Coordinator
  • Faye Lattimore,
        Administrative Secretary
  • Trent Pinto,