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Hall Staff

In each residence hall commuity, RED full-time staff consist of a Residence Coordinator who manages the building and a Public Inquiries Assistant who provides administrative support.

Residence Coordinators (RCs)

The residence coordinator (RC) is a full-time professional who lives and works in a residence hall.  Each RC has extensive experience working with college students and many of them have earned a Master’s degree. 

Residence coordinators manage a building that houses anywhere from 330-750 students.  They supervise 10-12 resident advisors (RAs), 1-2 graduate students, and one full-time clerical staff member.  RCs oversee the supervision of service desks. They advise student groups, conduct judicial hearings and teach the resident advisor class.

The residence coordinator is called upon to assist parents and students and is required to have strong helping, listening and problem-solving skills.  As a member of the senior staff team, they participate in a campus duty rotation.  Residence coordinators sit on one or two departmental committees. 

Residence coordinators are the resource to whom parents should first direct their questions; resident advisors (RAs) are the best first resource for most student concerns.

Public Inquiries Assistants (PIAs)

The public inquiries assistant (PIA) is a full-time, represented, clerical position.  The PIA works at the front desk of a the hall.  He or she answers questions for students, callers and office visitors.  He or she also provides some administrative support to the residence coordinator (RC) and assistant residence coordinator(s) (ARCs), such as maintaining appointment schedules and filing. 

The PIA in charge of distributing residents' keys and doing weekly key inventories.  He or she sorts and distributes mail and packages to the residents of the building.  The public inquiries assistant maintains student files, room condition reports, and roommate agreement records. 

Each PIA is responsible for communicating maintenance work orders to the proper resources.  He or she also provides guidance to desk operations staff in the absence of the formal supervisor and assists in enforcing University policies.

Hall/complex staff can be reached at the following numbers:

  • Calhoun & Campus
    Park Apartments
  • CRC/Dabney &
    University Park
  • Daniels
  • Morgens

  • Turner/Schneider
  • Siddall
  • Stratford Heights