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Student Affairs advocates for and meets students' diverse needs by providing innovative co-curricular experiences that enhance wellbeing, foster life and academic skill development, engender responsibility and grow leadership capability.





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Accessible Culture of Academic Success

Services and programs are intentionally designed to support and promote a culture of academic success for all students. Student who participate in academic support services will achieve academic success, be retained, and graduate. 
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Holistic Development of Students

Leadership and educational programs are focused on the holistic development of student participants. Students will discover and define their personal value and goals , and identify how those will be realized at UC and beyond.
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Intentional Student Advocacy

Intentional student advocacy programs educate and develop a UC community that is inclusive and affirming. Studnts experiencing consistent inclusion and respect throughout campus are empowered to fully engage with the UC community. 
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Engaging Relationships and Experiences

Programs and experiences will provide students a safe space to engage with members of the UC Community who can support their continued development and success. Students will cultivate relationships and have experiences that create bonds and support their retention and success at the University of Cincinnati. 




Strategic Student Affairs Presence

Create a vibrant, student centered, on-campus and virtual divisional presence

Enhanced Capacity to Serve

Enhance the division's capacity to meet the needs of an evolving and growing student body

Inclusive Campus Culture

Lead the development of a culture in which all students are empowered to thrive

Student-first Communication

Improve student-centered critical decision making and response protocols, processes and practices