Diversity & Community Relations


Diversity and Community Relations within the Division of Student Affairs works to create a thriving community where all students and staff are provided with programs and services that reflect and encourage the greatest degree of learning opportunities and life-enriching experiences free of any limitations based on difference.

  • A thriving community depends not only on what we have in common but also on what makes us different.
  • We recognize and proudly celebrate the diversity among our student body faculty and staff.
  • We seek to create an environment where everyone is resolutely prepared for, and proactive towards, facing the changes that are inherent to an increasingly global and diverse society.
  • We strive to ensure that all forms of intolerance are challenged and appropriate changes are enacted institutionally so that true diversity can become systemic.
  • We show our commitment to the success of the entire UC community through a strong focus on standardizing norms to ensure individual accountability of equity and inclusion in all our programs, services and policies.

Diversity and Inclusion Council Members


Contact Dr. Cheri Westmoreland at for more information.