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Think About It is an online program that invites all our new Bearcats to join UC's conversation on consent, healthy relationships, and making responsible choices as an adult and a member of our community. The course is fun and engaging, and it speaks to a broad range of experiences. By taking Think About It, you will have the opportunity to solve real life problems, expand your knowledge of consent, and learn about UC's policies and resources.

Trigger warning:

For many people, reading about heavy topics can stir up personal memories and strong emotions. For example, many survivors of sexual violence inadvertently relive their own traumatic experience when exposed to information or scenarios that hit home for them. People without experiences of trauma, violence, or discrimination can also be affected by these issues for a variety of reasons. In order to do what we can to mitigate the impact of these discussions on people who are adversely impacted by these issues, we use trigger warnings, just so everyone can get a heads up about what's to come. That way, no one is caught off-guard and we can all prepare ourselves to fully participate.

A trigger warning does not mean that we want you to avoid taking Think About It. On the contrary, we want to make sure everyone completing the course has what they need to engage to the best of their ability without having to come out as a survivor in order to do so. We believe the onus to give you a heads up and the opportunity to prepare yourself is on us. Think About It prominently features open and frank discussions of the following potentially triggering or upsetting content:

  • stalking
  • sexual violence
  • intimate partner violence
  • LGBTQ issues
  • drug abuse and dependence
  • casual sex
  • sexual harassment

There are also a number of specific trigger warnings embedded in the course before discussions of particularly sensitive material. You will be able to skip some of these parts of the training.

We understand that these issues can have a strong impact on a lot of different people. For that reason, you have the option to change how you will participate if you anticipate being unable to engage with this course as is. Please contact the Title IX Office and we will provide you with reasonable alternatives. To find support resources, please click

Why It's Important

Think About It introduces you to our university-wide conversations on important issues such as sexual violence, gender identity and expression, and campus safety. UC is committed to supporting students like you in becoming the best and brightest learners and professionals. In order to accomplish that, we want to ensure that you are a part of this dialogue so you are prepared to continue the conversation that starts in Think About It in your professional and personal lives.

UC also values a campus culture of safety and responsibility. By completing this program, you will gain the skills, language, and tools you need to ensure you and your peers have the best experience you possibly can. What you learn goes beyond campus as well; Think About It will teach you skills that matter to students from all walks of life.

UC is proud of its growing population of non-traditional Bearcats, and we believe it's important for students of every background to complete the program. Discrimination, harassment, and violence affect us all, regardless of age, gender, and any other identity. In addition, anyone taking classes at UC is protected under Title IX, so even if you're well-versed in discussions of sex and gender equity, it's still important for you to know your rights as a member of our community. For these reasons, the course is required for all non-traditional and distance learning students. Particularly if you are a non-traditional student, click here to learn about more ways Think About It can be useful to you.

Data Collection

At several points in Think About It, you will be asked to share personal information. Please know that any information you disclose about your behavior or habits is collected anonymously. This information helps us inform programming and outreach so we can best serve our students. You will have the option to not respond to any question asking for personal information you do not wish to - just select the "no comment" option. This option is only available for questions concerning personal information about you and does not apply to other activities in the program.

How to Access Think About It

All incoming students will be invited directly by email from CampusClarity. this includes new first-year, distance learning, undergraduate, graduate, professional, transfer, and non-traditional students. 

In order to log into the program, you will need to know your UC username and password. Just go to the CampusClarity login page or the link in the invite email and enter your log-on information.



Healthy Relationships Insight Question


Videos and Animations

Think About It uses videos, animations, interviews, and the fictional stories of new students to bring its content to life! You can follow the stories of four freshmen through their first year as they navigate relationships and hook up culture.



Parting Smart Video Clip



Graduate Students

Think About It is important for all UC students. For this reason, graduate students are offered a different version of the program. This version of Think About It uses scenarios, activities, and information more relevant to your experiences as a graduate student at UC.


Insight Questions

Think About It is interactive. Its Insight Questions give you the chance to share information about yourself and your opinions. All responses are anonymous, and you'll be able to read what your UC peers think about these issues too!




Partying Smart Video Segment


Important Facts

Do you know what a standard drink is? Or how to recognize the signs of alcohol poisoning? Think About It will give you these answers through fun clips, interviews, and activities!




Think About It for Graduate Students

Timeline for Completion 

For undergraduates, Think About It is divided into two different sections: Part 1 and Part 2. Part 1 will take you approximately 1.5 to 2 hours to complete. Part 2 will be availalbe 90 days after the completion of Part 1, and it will take about 15 minutes to finish. Part 2 is a follow-up course that asks you how you've applied what you've learned about consent and healthy relationships. 

For graduate students, Think About It: Graduate Students takes approximately 1 hour. 

Your progress in either course is saved automatically, so you will be able to log out and log back in to both parts, and you do not have to complete the whole program in one sitting.

For incoming students, newly enrolled in fall 2016 semester:

Think About It: Part One and Think About It: Graduate Students both become available on July 22, 2016 and should be completed by August 22, 2015.

Have Any Questions?

Think About It has its own technical support team that is not affiliated with UC. If you need technical support, please call 1 (800) 652-9546 or email

Click here to see frequently asked questions!

If that didn't answer your question, ask us through the dialogue window below! We'll respond to your question within two business days.