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Campus LINK

UC Campus LINK

What is Campus LINK?

Campus LINK is

  • a place for student engagement
  • an involvement link to UC
  • a space for communication among students leaders and within organizations and offices/departments on campus 
  • an online platform for engagement resources, event, and organizational info

Campus LINK will take the place of the student organization portal and student organization listing sites. Each student organization will have a page as well as many on campus departments and programs. 

If you are looking for a student organization or up and coming event on campus, check out the UC Campus LINK site. Use your UC username and password to log-in.

How do I get my organization on Campus LINK?

Look for your organization on UC Campus LINK and reregister to update your page. Current officers are able to update your page. Make sure you have your constitution and bylaws ready to upload. If you need access to your page to reregister and update, contact SALD in 455 Steger, 513-556-6115, or email us.

Checkout the following video to find out how to covert your Blackboard site to Campus LINK.

Campus LINK has the features that student organizations use or have used on Blackboard.

UC Campus LINK

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Interested in learning more about Campus LINK?

Contact the Office of SALD to schedule a session today!

What does Campus LINK do?

As a student leader, Campus LINK can match you with your interests and suggest organizations and events with which you may want to get involved to gain leadership experience or to have fun while here at UC! 

When using Campus Link as a student organization or office, this resource can help you communicate to your members, manage your own roster, advertise events campus wide, store documents, create forms to gather information, link social media platforms to your Campus LINK site to gain new interest, and many other tools to help you stay organized and communicate with your members.