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KNCR Orientation Training - For Students, Faculty, and Staff

MLK Photo & Quote: Nonviolence is the answer to the crucial political & moral questions of our time: The need for [humankind] to overcome oppression & violence without resorting to oppression & violence.

The orientation training to Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation offers students, faculty, and staff at UC the chance to build a foundation in nonviolent social change and reflect on their own values and practices as a leader.  This training is offered all over the world, connecting Bearcats with a global community of nonviolence.

Program Overview
Through full participation in the 16-hour training, participants:

  • Develop a nuanced understanding of nonviolence as a philosophy and practice
  • Build their ability to analyze conflict for effective response
  • Explore key examples of nonviolent social change in the US Civil Rights Movement
  • Learn the Six Principles of Nonviolence and the Six Steps of Nonviolence
  • Learn and apply multiple models to social change movements for effective nonviolent practices
All materials are provided free of charge to participants courtesy of SALD and the UC Diversity Council.

Upcoming Trainings
Check out these upcoming trainings:
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