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Student Activities & Leadership Development

About Us

Purposeful  Student Engagement

We are an important resource for UC students who want to be involved while attending the University of Cincinnati. Staffed with full-time professionals and graduate assistants who are available through the year, the office provides leadership and direction for the more than 500 student organizations, as well as a full range of activities and cultural programs for students.

Our office provides programs that have an intentional educational component, specifically the leadership development of our students when organizing programs or leading a cohort. With all the services and programs we provide, the intent is to build the leadership skills of our students to make them better citizens.

Our Mission

The Office of Student Activities and Leadership Development supports the mission of the University of Cincinnati by promoting and guiding purposeful student engagement, fostering a sense of community, providing opportunities of student growth and leadership development. We aspire to create an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity and enhances our students’ ability to become global citizens.

Our Values

As the Student Activities and Leadership Development professional team, we promote these governing values:


Develop students within our university community to strive to reach their greatest potential through mentoring, personal and professional development, leadership and community engagement.


Create an environment conducive to inclusiveness, growth, development and support by building partnerships through collaboration.


Commitment to foster vision, creativity and mentoring relationships through our work with students.


Challenge students to explore contemporary issues related to systems of difference and inequality to empower them as agents of change in creating a socially just community.


Encourage our students to live their values and purpose through actions and standards.

Academic Excellence 

The office of Student Activities and Leadership Development believes in academic excellence, as that is the chief mission of the University of Cincinnati.  To see SALD's position on the importance of academic success, please click here.  If you are an organization advisor and need help in dealing with student academic success, please contact our office. Here is a sample letter that university advisor's can send to students when academic requirements are not met.