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Joanna is a second-year, with a double major in Electronic Media and Marketing. Formerly from North Canton, Ohio, where her family still lives. She was very involved in her high school programs such as broadcast and video, where she found her passion for the media arts.

UC was a perfect fit for her due to the great curriculum they had for Electronic Media. Once at UC she got involved with a group on campus called the Navigators where she is now a leader. It is here where she gets to help the surrounding city of Cincinnati with MUD, which stands for Mission Urban Development. She hopes to get more involved on campus and help others find there place at the University of Cincinnati.



Nathan is a fifth-year Aerospace Engineering student. Originally from North Canton, he came to UC yearning for the practical experience facet of the engineering program. He plans to graduate in the spring of 2014 and pursue a Master’s Degree in education. After graduation, he hopes to get involved with teaching underprivileged students through Teach For America and by volunteering to teach English as a second language in Africa.

Nathan is involved in Greek life at UC and attributes many of his collegiate accomplishments to his participation therein. He is also a huge advocate of the University Honors Program, where he serves as a TA for the introductory course and the On-Site Coordinator for the LeaderShape Institute. He recently began working in the SALD office and hopes to help students find their niche in the extensive campus life at UC.



Jazmyne is a fourth-year senior, majoring in Chemistry with a minor in Africana Studies.  Born in Cleveland Ohio, she took her first step on her journey towards becoming a pharmaceutical sales representative when she enrolled here at the university. 

Jazmyne is heavily involved in many student organizations here at UC including the AACRC Choir, ChemCats, and she also is a member of the UC Greek life community.  She believes that student involvement on and off campus is pertinent for the overall success of the individual. Jazmyne began working at SALD in the fall of 2013, hoping to assist the office with events and student recruitment into organizations.

When she is not doing undergraduate research in the chemical laboratory, or volunteering at her neighborhood daycare center, you can find Jazmyne tweeting, eating, or socializing with friends. Upon graduation, she hopes to move west and continue her education.


Tori R.

Tori was born in Cincinnati and raised half an hour north in Fairfield, Ohio. She was heavily involved in sports growing up, but dropped everything for music once she hit high school. She started drum lessons in fifth grade and eventually played snare on the FHS Drumline.

Tori is an electronic media major here at UC. She is also pursuing a certificate in international human rights and is a member of the University Honors Program.