Officer Resources

The following forms are separated in sections and are to be used as resources and for the operations of club sports student organizations. If you have any questions, when completing the forms below, please contact Jeff Logsdon, Program Coordinator of Club Sports. 

Deadlines/Upcoming Meetings

The following are up and coming deadlines. 

This spring we will have spring Reregistration. Before using funds or space this fall - you must do the following 3 things: 

1. Have Two 2016-2017 Officers attend a Club Sports Officer "R.E.S.E.T." Workshop.  All RESET Meetings are complete. If your organization missed attending, please email Jeff LogsdonAll Re-Registration must take place in the spring semester starting in 2016 as there will not be no Fall Re-registration period.

2. Make sure your organizations "Portal" is up to date on CampusLINK.If you do not have have adminstrative access to your organzation's page, please request by clicking the "Settings" tab in the right hand corner of the page. Then click "Join Organization" and ensure you request "Administrator" from the dropdown list.

3. Register on CampusLINK by selecting your organizations portal from the "Organizations" tab. Then click "Settings" in the right hand corner. You will then need to click "Organization Profile". You must upload your constituion/by-laws as well as FULL Roster with M-Numbers!

End of Year Report- These are past due! Please email Jeff Logsdon if your organization failed to submit this document.

Officer Workshops (new for 2016!)  - Workshops for various executive member positions will take place in early Fall 2016. If you are a new officer and have questions before these workshops take place, please email Jeff Logsdon, Club Sports Coordinator, to set a meeting.

Summer Rosters: Remember to turn in play forms (concussion ack, waiver, and emergency contact form) from new players and a summer roster for those active in the summer! All Summer Rosters are due each year onCampusLINK by May 15, 2016.

CPR/First Aid- More dates will be offered in the Fall 2016 semester. If you're organization has a safety officer leave, you must contact Jeff Logsdon immediately for options. Check back in May 2016 for dates/times of classes!

Reminder: Every Club must have 2 safety officers per organization and at least one must be present during practices/events.