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Inline Hockey

Tier Level: Nationally Competitive

President: Jordan Ross   

Vice President: Chady Chahine                                  

AdvisorMike Trimbach                                                            

Last Reported DuesBetween $500-$750/year

Season beginsOctober  

Practice schedule: Mondays 9:30-10:30 pm, Sports Plus, Evendale Ohio

Club History: The UC Inline Hockey Club had its first season in 2008 playing Division II in the Midwest Collegiate Roller Hockey League (MCRHL).  The MCRHL is a league that is a part of the National Collegiate Roller Hockey Association, which consists of over 120 teams nationally.  In the 2009-2012 season, the Bearcats were selected to go to San Jose, California for their first Nationals appearance.  Currently, the Bearcats have two teams in the MCRHL, a Division II team and a B Team.

Highlights: From this past year, the team earned a bid to the Regional tournament and placed 3rd overall. We received a bid to nationals and ended the season with the 2nd overall best record in our regional division.


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Inline Hockey Action Shot