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League of Legends

Tier Level: Conditional

PresidentChris Postell 

Vice President: Austin Jutte

Treasurer: Richard Baxter

Advisor: Tony Quallen

Dues 2013-2014: N/A

Practice Location/Schedule: 

Practices: Currently practice schedules are all online. They are Team A~ Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 9:30 PM Team B~ Monday: 9 PM Wed: 8 PM Thurs: 9/10 PM (optional)

Club History: First club sport e-sport of the Midwest. We were founded in the spring of 2013 and are part of Riot's official Collegiate Program. Our goal is to grow a sense of community centered around League, as well as organizing events that cater to both the casual and competitive player. 

Fall 2013 Highlight: The UCLoL A team went 7-1 in their first time participating in the IvyLoL open league - an intercollegiate tournament structure. The UCLoL B Team went 5-3 in the same league. Link to website: UC submitted 3 teams for an online tournament based out in California called RoS - sponsored by California State Long Beach University. 48 teams participated from over 30 different colleges across the country and one of our teams placed Third. This was before we had created the official UC A and UC B Teams. On Halloween night, we brought a player from the #1 European Team, Fnatic to UC for his first ever fan meet and greet event. We had over 200 people show up from 4 different colleges and 2 different high schools. This is the first time that a college in the Midwest has brought a professional player to their campus. To help involve our members who are not part of the A or B Teams, we held a number of social events this semester. These included one-on-one style tournaments located in Swift 800, as well as a semester long online tournament where players registered under a 'faction' and played against members of other 'factions' each week for points. We've arranged a competition day with NKU that will occur the weekend after finals, on December 14th.

Website: Checkout us on Campus LINK and