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Martial Arts

Martial Arts Club Competition

Tier Level: Competitive

President:  Melanie Smith 

Vice President:  Harrison Slater

Treasurer: Morgan Goetz

Secretary: Andrea Gillis

Advisor:  Frank Bowen                                     

Instructors:  John RitterNicole Dangelo

Dues 2013-2014:  $60 per semester instruction fee, optional $40 per semester for promotion tests and tournaments.

Season begins:  All year       

Practice schedule:  Monday 9:30-10:45pm MPR A; Wednesday 8-10pm MPR A, Friday 7-8:45pm MPR B; Saturday 11am-2pm MPR A at the Campus Recreation Center

Club History:  The University of Cincinnati Martial Arts Club has been providing students with martial arts instruction for more than 40 years. Our club focuses on the Korean martial art of Taekwondo. Out of the hundreds of martial arts, Taekwondo focuses the most on kicking. Kicking drills build strength, flexibility, stamina and agility. In addition to kicking drills, the club focuses on forms, sparring and self-defense. Taekwondo is an excellent way to get into (or stay in) good physical shape and the UC Martial Arts Club provides a fun way to do it!

Accomplishments:  Fall 2013- There was a US Poomsae Championship this past September with individual and paired competition. Thi placed first in individual, and Jared placed second in individual. Hannah placed first in the individual women's division. Then, Hannah and Thi placed first in the paired competition. Also, the following list of members tested for and received the following belts: Daniel Lee 9th Gup Carlo Tuason 9th Gup Jiyuan Liu 9th Gup Nicholas Bova 9th Gup Jacob Mills 9th Gup Xi Ru 8th Gup Jared Thompson 4th Gup Thi Nguyen 4th Gup Chris Persons 4th Gup

Website: .  You can also find us on Facebook. Click here