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Officer Resources

The following forms are separated in sections and are to be used as resources and for the operations of club sports student organizations. If you have any questions, when completing the forms below, please contact Jeff Logsdon, Program Coordinator of Club Sports. 

Deadlines/Upcoming Meetings

The following are up and coming deadlines. 

This spring we will have spring Reregistration. Before using funds or space this fall - you must do the following 3 things: 

1. Have Two 2014-2015 Officers attend a Club Sports Officer "Reregistration" Workshop. If you did not attend a spring date, contact  Jeff Logsdon to set up a time.

2. Have verification form signed (receive at Officer workshop).

3. Register on and include your roster with M numbers.

*End of Semester Report and End of Year Survey. Links are below. These are OVERdue. 

Officer Transition Meeting - if your officers missed. Email Jeff Logsdon, the Program Coordinator, to setup a time.

Summer Rosters: Remember to turn in play forms (concussion ack, waiver, and emergency contact form) from new players and a summer roster for those active in the summer!

There is one summer CPR/First Aid option remaining on 8/4 at 5:15pm in SSLC 743, click on the link below to RSVP and see all dates. These classes are for safety officers (2 per club are required).

ORIENTATION: Those clubs interested in participating in orientation and getting an early start on recruitment. Sign up here.


Fall Prep

* Reregistration Infographic
provides steps to be an active club sport student organization

Fall Recruitment Events (Welcome Weekend)

*Mandatory Club on the Greens (Sat., 8/23) 3-5pm Sheakley. 2 representatives per club must be present. Email special needs to Jeff Logsdon

Optional: Student Org Fair (Sun., 8/24) 3-5pm Mainstreet. RSVP here.

Semester Documents

* 2013-14 Club Sports Calendar
all club sports meetings and deadlines for 2013-14

Official Club Roster due by 10/1/14

Club 1 on 1 Meetings sign up (available Sept 1st)

* Concussion Acknowledgement Form
need for every player
* Game Schedule/AT Coverage
Complete each semester with schedule and athletic training (AT) coverage requests
* Regional/National Affiliation Form
Club's regional and national associations

Affiliation Form 

(please complete if above information is out of date)

Club Sports Resources

* 2014-2015 Club Sports Calendar
all club sports meetings and deadlines from Summer 2014 to Spring 2015
* Club Sports Handbook
Resource for Club Sports Officers
* Sample Constitution Bylaws
updated 5/12 with fundraising statement and for semesters
* Eligibility Verification Form
for grades to be released to a third party (i.e. nationals)

Society of Sports Leaders Marketing Assistance Form

End of Semester/Year

Tally of Completion (check your club)

End of Semester Survey (Avail. mid Nov./ Due 12/12/14)

End of the Semester Report (w/pictures. Due 12/12/14)


Budget Forms

Club Sports Allocation Committee Interest Form

Budget Allocation Meeting sign-up (must attend to receive funding)

Budget Survey Link (Required Budget Allocation) log into Campus LINK

* Budget Template
see Sheet 1 for instructions

Financial Documents

* Tax Information Student Orgs
Presentation slides from Tax Compliance Director.
* Financial Transaction Request Form_CSB
for credit card/check requests
* A113_Club_Sports
for Travel Reimbursement to individual
* A114_Club_Sports
for Reimbursement (needed for Coach's payment) and club account travel reimbursements and all non-travel reimbursements

Additional Funding Request (form on Campus LINK)

* Personal Services Contract
needed with PS Questionnaire for Coaches' payment
* Contract Services Questionnaire
needed with PS Contract for Coaches' payment
* Limited Services Engagement Form
for one time service, like a DJ at 1 event
* Officials Payment Invoice
for payment also need A114 and Limited Service form.

Risk Management Forms

Certification Dates (Safety Officers)


Concussion Testing - email Susie availability

* Accident Report
must be with club at all times
* Risk Management Outline and Sample
provides outline and sample

Safety Officer Training (will review in workshop)

* Group Waiver
Use for AWAY teams when hosting

Branding Information

Licensing Internal Request Form (must have quote and image) 

* Licensing 101 for Student Orgs
created by Branding and Licensing

Travel Documents

Class Absence Request Form (log on to Campus LINK)

New Driving Quiz (UC vehicle drivers must  take)

* Coaches Driver's Test Form
email completed form to Program Coordinator for coaches to access test
* Travel Authorization Form - Group
includes roster of travelers that can be updated prior to departure
* Travel Authorization Form - Individual
used for individual club members traveling for competition
* Transportation Request Form
for University vehicle rentals

Tax Documents

* Tax Exemption Letter
may be requested by business for fundraiser
* UC Tax Exemption Certificate
use for hotels in OH - can be used in other states check

Link to Page: States who accept OH tax exempt status


On Campus Fundraising

* Shine the Shoe Letter 2012-13
need to bring contract, waivers, and review responsibility forms
* Florence Freedom Fundraiser
2012 Ticket Sales Fundraiser