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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between club sports and intramurals?

Intramural sports are programmed by Campus Recreation. Students find UC classmates to play on a team with and the teams then play against other UC students one day a week for 5-6 weeks. All games are on campus. Club Sports are advised by Student Activities & Leadership Development. Sport Clubs play against other clubs from universities in the area, regionally, and sometimes nationally. Students involved get to experience what it is like to run an organization and have the chance to play at a more competitive level playing the same sport over a longer and more frequent period of time.

2. Is the practice commitment like high school?

For a majority of our club sports organizations, practices are 2-3 times a week. Often this depends on the competitive season of the sport.

3. When do clubs accept members and are in season?

All clubs are active in the fall. Some clubs may have already started competing early in fall, so they may not be looking for new members to compete right away, but clubs are always looking for new members each year. You will be able to meet representative from all club sport organizations at the Club Sports Meeting on the Greens event on Sheakley lawn the Saturday before fall semester in August from 3-5pm.

4. How competitive are clubs? Must I be able to play at a competitive level in the sport/activity?

This really depends on the clubs. Several of our clubs were formed with only 1 member having a good understanding of the sport, such as our Women’s Ultimate Club or with only a coach who had a good understanding of the sport, such as our Women’s Rugby Club. All of the members were willing to learn the sport and have fun competing at various levels. Several clubs have a recreation group and a competitive group, such as the Tennis club.

5. What if my sport is not available? (I’m interested in basketball, etc.)

Contact Susie Mahoney ( about starting a new club. It takes 10 interested students total (or more if the sport requires it like softball), paperwork (risk management plan, a constitution and bylaws) and a faculty/staff advisor. Also, your mission must be unique. Another club like yours should not exist on campus already. We have new clubs each year that are sustainable club sport organizations and compete long-term. The Softball club and Triathlon clubs started last year and are already competing.

6. How much does it cost to participate?

Club sport organizations receive University funding through student fees. However, this does not cover all of the expenses of a club. A majority of club’s expenses are related to travel and competition registrations. Club’s dues range from $25 for recreational clubs to $1500 a year for our nationally competitive organizations. Club sports organizations fundraise individually and collectively to supplement the costs of participating.