RAPP Mission:  Fighting Oppression through Individual Awareness and Collective Action

RAPP's Branding Image: The RAPP Mission - Fighting Oppression Through Individual Awareness & Collective Action

RAPP - also known as the Racial Awareness Program - focuses on these areas: 2 Intensive development programs, and outreach.

  • A 9-month intensive experiential learning program where students challenge, debate, and educate each other on issues of social positioning and social justice.  
  • A 5-day intensive that begins two weeks before fall semester classes begin, where students develop knowledge and skills related to racial justice and inclusive leadership.
  • Deliver Workshops and trainings on campus and throughout Greater Cincinnati focused on building crosscultural communication skills, self-awareness around social positioning, social justice issues, and developing agency in fighting oppression.

For more information on RAPP, ARJ, RAPPORT, or to schedule a program, contact the RAPP staff at 513-556-6119 or Brice.Mickey@uc.edu.