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Accelerating Racial Justice 2012

RAPP premiered this new five-day, four-night racial justice and inclusive leadership intensive August 13-17, 2012, held at Grailville Retreat Center.  The inaugural run was developed by a working group comprised of people from throughout the RAPPORT community, staff from through UC, and current RAPP participants.

Participants and staff of the inaugural run of Accelerating Racial Justice

Amanda Pancioli
Ben Kitchen
Brian Barney
Greg Gamble
Jazmyn Battie
Kara Mate
Kate Khazanova
Kenny Day
Kenzie Austin
Maesa Idries
Naila Merchant
Peggy Shannon-Baker
Ryan Fox
Sally Amkoa
Taylor Turnbull
Vicky Nguyen

Ani Naik, Student Facilitator
Jalisa Holifield, Peer Leader
Jojo Azevedo, Student Facilitator
Laura Perez, Peer Leader
Matt Miller, Peer Leader
Matthew Woodruff, Process Observer
Melissa Meyer, Process Observer
Rebecca Lehman, Staff Facilitator
Shyamal Ruparel, On-Site Coordinator