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Social Justice League 2011-12

The 2011-12 class of the Social Justice League were the second to be recognized as RAPP Certified Social Justice Peer Educators.  While the second group to go through the structured program, this class was the first to participate in and be assessed according to the formal SJL curriculum.

The 2011-12 class of the Social Justice League

Allison Furterer, RAPP XXVI
Bobby Filbin, RAPP XXV
Brice Mickey, RAPP XXV
DeVorah YisraEL, RAPP XXIV
Joey Scheiber, RAPP XXVI
Jojo Azevedo, RAPP XXIV
Kevin Weber, RAPP XXVI
Marjorie Bledsoe, RAPP XXV
Matt Miller, RAPP XXVI
Matthew Woodruff, RAPP XXVI
Rachel Berman, RAPP XXV
Tyler Thompson, RAPP XXV
Wil Pierce, RAPP XXV

Social Justice League 2011-12 was facilitated by Rebecca Lehman, Program Coordinator and mentored by DeVorah YisraEL, RAPPORT Intern, and Marjorie Bledsoe, RAPP Public Ally.