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The founding group, the Racial Awareness Pilot Project, was created through student initiative and led by Mrs. Linda Bates-Parker. The Committee for Dialogue on Racial Awareness - started the year before - built the RAPP experience, recruited for the program, and selected members.

Many members of this committee participated in the program and together they created the longest lasting traditions of the program: the end-of-year group photo and creation of the group-specific RAPP t-shirt.

This year began our commitment that continues to this day to the motto and philosophy of Each One Teach One.

RAPP 1 and 2 members.
Member Names:

Reed Adler
Wilton Blake
Kisha Butts (Fallon)
Steve Carson
William Harris
Yvonne Harris
Monique Hewan
Brad Lutz
Keith Slaughter
Lori Smith
Pam Spicer
Marty Steger
Reggie Stover
Felicia Talbert
Shannon Tuzzi (Paletti)
Vonda Willis
Niloufer Merchant*


Do you know the names of these RAPPers? Are you a former RAPPer who would like to reconnect with the group? Please contact Rebecca Lehman, RAPP Program Coordinator, at or 513-556-6119.