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RAPP VII was conducted during the 1991-1992 school year.

RAPP 7 members.
Member Names:

Jamie Burgasser
Adam Burton
David Cox III
Shiri Ayalon Grote
David Highsmith
Milbeth Hinton
Yasir Khan
Ahmad Khan
Kelsia Kolcio
Michelle (Feichtner) Lawson
Danielle Loibl-Gee
Ami Pariqh
Marla (Barber) Peltier
Angela Sharp
Carson Trotter
Clinton Umphrey
Brian Wilkerson
Andrea Stallworth*
Patrick Chapman*


Do you know the names of these RAPPers? Are you a former RAPPer who would like to reconnect with the group? Please contact Rebecca Lehman, RAPP Program Coordinator, at or 513-556-6119.