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RAPP VIII was conducted during the 1992-1993 school year. This year, RAPP leaders introduced the module format.

RAPP 8 members.
Member Names:

Karina Armijo
Cheyenne Brown
Jeffery Burgin
Christopher Butler
Aaron Clark
Dave Cox
Diana Goldburg
Aslama Hassan
Diana Hilson
Bradford Hogue
Terence L. Jones
Rachel Lambert
Ernest Locket
Robert Lyons
Carmen Madera (O'Malley)
Terence Mason
Kimberly McGinnis
Dan O'Malley
Abigail Moats
Jennifer Reep
Michael Sprinkle
Clinton Umphrey
Rani Varghese
Dan Cummins*
Andrea Stalworth*
Kerry Welch*


Do you know the names of these RAPPers? Are you a former RAPPer who would like to reconnect with the group? Please contact Rebecca Lehman, RAPP Program Coordinator, at or 513-556-6119.