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RAPP IX was conducted in the 1993-1994 school year. This year was the first that RAPP addressed gender as a major dimension of diversity.

RAPP 9 members.
Member Names:

James "Quentin" Adams
Lisa Akhionbare
Jacqueline Bates
Anna Burrage
Clayton Burroughs
Catherine Carter
Kirk Clay
Fazila Rana (Dosani)
Julie Duhigg
Judith Gazaway
Rodney Johnson
Prasanna Malaviya
Viki McCorkel
Adrian Mitchell
Hiroko Nakano (Butler)
Julie Phelps (Phelps-Bradbury)
Sherin Sakr
Niyati Shah
Jason Tipton
David Weidman

Do you know the names of these RAPPers? Are you a former RAPPer who would like to reconnect with the group? Please contact Rebecca Lehman, RAPP Program Coordinator, at or 513-556-6119.