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Advisor Toolbox

"Advising students is a privilege that can and does really make a difference in their lives".
Erin Morell

Welcome Student Organization Advisors!

The Office of Student Activities & Leadership Development would like to first thank you for the service and time you provide to our student organizations. The role of advisors is important, these individuals are critical to the development of student leaders.

This page is intended to serve as a resource; listed below is a wealth of information regarding officer transitions, trainings, and other tools that will assist advisors throughout the academic year.

Advisor Roles and Responsibilities

Who Can Advise?

An Advisor of a University of Cincinnati Student organization must be a member of the university community. This includes: administrators, faculty, staff, and graduate students only if it is part of their graduate assistantship to advise an organization


A professional appointed by the organization (i.e.,fraternity/sorortity advisor, club sports coach)

The Role of an Advisor

•Team Builder
•Conflict Mediator
•Reflective Agent
•Policy Interpreter

The above qualities represents a general description of the role and responsibilities of an advisor.  The role of an advisor is negotiable and is based upon the shared needs and mission of the student organization.

Advisors that have experienced a great deal of success with their organizations are those who establish a mutual understanding of accountablity with their student leadership.

Advisor Resources                                                                             

Articles & Websites

Advisors Serving as Mentors

Advising Student Organizations: Strategies for Establishing and Maintaining Successful Advisor/Student Relationships

Assisting Student Organizations with Officer Transitions

ACPA Commission for Student Involvement Advisor Manual

Assuming the Role: The Successful Student-Advisor Relationship

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act via (FERPA)

The Millennials: Confident. Connected. Open to Change

Leadership Development (Conferences and Workshops)

Annual Student Leadership Conference

University of Cincinnati Diversity Conference


Advisor Certification Workshops

This workshop provides an in-depth overview of Advisor responsibilities, resources, university policies and risk management information.  All student organization advisors must attend a re-certification training every two years.

Advisors can register for training at

Spring Student Organization Advisor Workshop Trainings

February 26, 2014 1:00 p.m. 423 Tangeman University Center

March 24, 2014 1:00 p.m. Location 427 Tangeman University Center

University Forms and Presentations

Academic Grade Release Form

Advisor Training Workshop Presentation

Funding Resources Packet

UFB Treasurers Workshop Presentation

Waiver and Release Form

University Transportation Rental Form

University Approved Vendor Form

University Policies and Regulations

SALD Student Organization Handbook

Student Code of Conduct

University Hazing Policy


Advisor Awards and Recognitions

2013 Student Organization Advisor of the Year

In his first year as advisor to Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity, Brandon demonstrated his true dedication to the organization, its members, and mission. Through Brandon’s guidance members implemented several service projects, participated in leadership development activities, and increased membership through their recruitment classes. The chapter members state that Brandon offers great support to them! Thank you and congratulations, Brandon!

2013 Student Organization Advisor of the Year

2013 Student Organization Advisor of the Year Brandon Fairchild