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2014 Memorial Service honoring our students, faculty and staff

The Memorial will be held on Tuesday, April 1, at 11:30 a.m. in the Alumni Hall at the Russell C. Myers Alumni Center.  Thirteen students, staff members and faculty members who have died since last spring will be remembered with brief tributes.  Slated to attend are President Ono, Vice President for Student Affairs Debra Spotts Merchant and newly elected Student Body Vice President, Shivam Shaw, all of whom will have brief comments.  President Ono will close the service with a moment of silence and the tolling of a chime for each person being remembered. 

A complete list of those being remembered is as follows:

Martha J. Aden, faculty, COM

Alexis Marie Anderson, student, A&S

Ralph Donnell, student, UC Blue Ash

Danielle Duell, student, Nursing

Benjamin Flick, student, A&S

Frank Giglia, faculty emeritus, UC Clermont

Robert Haas, Jr., staff, UCIT

Brent Miller, student, CCM

Richard Newrock, faculty, CEAS

Steven Nicholas, student, UC Clermont

Joseph A. Steger, President Emeritus

Scott Ten Hagen, staff, CECH

Helen Ziegler, faculty, COM

Policy Information

The University of Cincinnati is committed to the creation and promotion of a just community.  Sexual assault, sexual harassment, intimate partner violence and stalking (as defined by state and federal laws) will not be tolerated.

Please refer to the Policy Statement on Sex Offenses for further information.  Please note, this policy is currently in the process of being updated.