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The Mission of the Commuter and Off-Campus Housing Committee is to develop initiatives, programs, and services to assure an equitable and engaging student experience regardless of residency. 

Through partnership with campus and community resources, the primary goals of the Commuter and Off-Campus Housing Committee are:

  • To develop strategic programs that assist in the overall learning and academic experience for students.
  • To educate students of critical information related to tenant rights and responsibilities.
  • To develop and implement strategies that address safety concerns for students.
  • To develop and implement initiatives that encourage citizenship.

For more information about the Commuter and Off-Campus Housing Committee contact:

Daniel S. Cummins
Assistant Dean of Students
Director, Office of University Judicial Affairs

Commuter and Off-Campus Housing Committee:

Staff Membership

Student Membership

Daniel Cummins- Chair Nina Atanasova - GSGA
Maggy Fogler -Asst. Director, Housing and Food Services Joe Blizzard - SGA
Samantha Foltz - Program Coordinator, Parents Association Kandyce Carter-Flaherty - OUJA GA
Erica Forrest - Asst. Director, Student Wellness Center Jaclyn Hyde - SGA
  Jen Kroell - SGA
  Ayca Mazman -GSGA
  Sara Whitestone -SGA