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There are a variety of transportation options available in getting to and from campus. Considering factors like distance, cost, safety, environmental friendliness and time will help you make the best decision for yourself. The University of Cincinnati provides several programs to assist students and their transportation needs.

Bearcat Bike Share

Bearcats Bike Share

The program is part of overall sustainability initiatives at UC and is the first component of the UC Bike Plan to be implemented. The Bearcat Bike Share will help reduce carbon emissions, pollution, traffic, and parking shortages while increasing health, fitness, community engagement, and a sense of place. Bicycles can be checked out, at no cost, to anyone with a UCID at various locations on the UC Uptown Campus and the UC East facility in Clermont County.

Whether you own a bike or participate in Bearcat Bike Share, stop by the Bike Kitchen to learn about bike repair, bike safety, commuting. Students can use the resources available to do simple repairs on their own bikes.  Located in a former kitchen space of the old Faculty Club, the Bike Kitchen is open several days a week for anyone to stop by and ask questions. Bike workshops are part of the regular sustainability workshop series throughout the school year.


Bearcat Transportation System (BTS), Off-Campus Shuttles

The BTS shuttle routes operate at various times during the academic terms and connect UC's Uptown Campus with the nearby neighborhood, and local and Greater Cincinnati entertainment areas.

  • The BTS shuttles are for the exclusive use of UC students and are free of charge.
  • When entering the shuttle, the UC student must present a valid UC photo identification card to ride the BTS.
  • Each UC student is permitted to bring one (1) guest on the BTS shuttle.
  • BTS shuttles do not operate during academic term breaks, on official UC holidays, or during the summer academic term.


Campus Transit System (CTS), UC's Campus-to-Campus Shuttles

Four (4) CTS shuttle routes will operate at various times during the year between designated stops on UC Campuses. Follow them LIVE at

  • The CTS shuttles are for the use of UC students, staff and visitors, and are free to ride.
  • The CTS shuttles operate Monday through Friday only.
  • The CTS shuttles do not operate on official UC holidays or weekends.
  • The UC Blue Ash/Uptown and the UC Victory Parkway/Uptown Routes do not operate on weekends, UC holidays, and term breaks.
parking Services

Parking Services

The Motorist Assistance Program offer unlocks, jump starts and inflating flat tires to vehicles located on-campus. For assistance, contact 513-556-2283 or, after hours, 513-556-1111.  There is an air compressor located outside of University Avenue Garage for the convenience of campus students, faculty and staff, who need to add air to tires. When motorist assistance personnel are not available or the police cannot respond quickly due to other calls, this service will be especially handy.

All students are eligible to purchase a parking permit. To park on campus, one must display a Parking Services issued permit or use a cash parking facility. Permits are issued on a semesterly or academic year basis and are most easily purchased through Parking Services' priority registration. This takes place prior to the start of each semester and its dates are published on their website.


UC*METRO Program

UC's Metro Program is funded, in part, by UC Student Government and UC administration, and offers discounted transportation options for riding Metro buses to eligible UC students and UC employees. Two types of discounted semester fare cards are available through the UC*Metro Program. All UC Students and Employees must have a valid UC Photo Identification Badge before applying for a fare card. Applications for each new semester's fare card can be completed at the UC*Metro Program Registration Site.


UC NightRide

NightRide is a free nighttime shuttle service provided to the UC campus community.  It exists to provide safe and reliable transportation to and from locations within a one mile radius around the UC campus.  Similar to a cab company, students, faculty and staff can call NightRide to pick them up and take them to and from places on and off campus. For handicap accessible escorts, please call 556-7433 during operating hours.

Call 513-556-RIDE
Sunday -Wednesday 8 p.m. to Midnight
Thursday- Saturday 8 p.m. to 2 a.m.



UC has partnered with Zipcar to bring self-service, on-demand car sharing to the area.  To use Zipcars, simply register as a member, reserve a car online or by phone, use your Zipcard to enter the car, and drive away.  Return the car to the same location where you picked it up. Learn more at