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Living Off-Campus

Deciding whether to live on-campus or off-campus is an important decision. Check out the resources below to help navigate the process.

On-Campus Housing

The residence halls provide a safe, convenient home-away-from-home, and a low-stress environment that encourages students academically, socially, and personally. There are a lot of benefits to living on-campus. A helping hand can always be found from the staff such as resident advisors (RAs), who are experienced students who know what coming to college is really like. The halls provide a wide variety of programs and events.The highlight of the halls is the wide variety of people to meet and friends to make. Some of these relationships will last a lifetime. The halls provide a great opportunity to share with others the common experience of being in college while learning about each other’s varied backgrounds and interests. Living in the center of it all, provides easy access to classes, faculty members, and campus facilities. In addition, residence halls have all the safety features you’re looking for, including smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, and visual alarms. (Students who need visual alarms should contact Disability Services.) The front doors to each hall are locked and residents are responsible for checking in guests and escorting them at all times. Public Safety is an on-campus service, 24/7.

Off-Campus Graduate and Family Housing

To assist graduate students and families with their search for housing at the University of Cincinnati, Housing and Food Services partnered with the Graduate School to establish the Office of Graduate Off-Campus Housing.  The information on their website is designed to assist in finding suitable off-campus housing.


Annual Student Safe Housing Fair

The search for housing is often very stressful for students and parents. There are many aspects to consider including cost, location, and safety just to name a few. In an effort to simplify the search and reduce the stress, the Division of Student Affairs Safe Housing Committee hosts the Annual Student Safe Housing Fair in early Spring semester. The event showcases both on and off-campus housing options, as well as distribute information, tools, and resources to assist students in finding the best residential location to fit their needs. On-campus and local community services will host booths to share materials pertaining to safety, fire and crime prevention, transportation options, budgeting, sustainability, and other important topics to be conscious of for making independent living decisions. Checklists are available to help students with their search in comparing properties, choosing roommates, and signing leases. Information about tenant-landlord law, lease agreements, and being a responsible community member are also distributed. Participating rental properties are either UC community partners or are registered with the Cincinnati Safe Student Housing Program.  Check out the 2014 list of Student Safe Housing Fair Participants.

Know your Resources and Rights!

  • Tenant Information Project (TIP) - TIP is a volunteer organization that provides legal information to callers concerning landlord/tenant law. A hotline is operated by law students of the University of Cincinnati College of Law. The TIP Hotline: (513) 556-0053 is available from 8am - 5pm, Monday-Friday.
  • Ohio Code
  • Kentucky Code
  • Indiana Code
  • City of Cincinnati Property Maintenace Complaint
  • Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati - Call the Legal Aid Line (513) 241-9400 or 1-800-582-2682 to see if you qualify for pro bono legal services.
  • Pest Control - Contact your landlord to report first. Take pictures and document indicating date/time/quantity/frequency. Extermination can be an extensive process, and cooperation from both tenant and landlord is critical. If reports of bugs, pests, or animals go unheard, reports can be made to the City of Cincinnati.