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Division of Student Affairs & Services

Mission, Goals, and Committees


Emerging Leaders in Student Affairs (ELSA) seeks to cultivate a landscape of professional scholarship and advancement among rising staff members at the University of Cincinnati. We advance the profession of student affairs through programming on student development, holistic education, evidence based practices in higher education, and establishing professional relationships.


ELSA provides space for staff growth, learning, and engagement. The following organizational values are integral to this mission:

  • ELSA values the opportunity for professional development.
  • ELSA values strong community and campus relationships.
  • ELSA values a culture of scholarship and research, especially around issues of student affairs and development.
  • ELSA values clear communication and paths for achievement of excellence.
  • ELSA values applying theory to practice, and we practice the values above through the committees and initiatives described below.

ELSA Divisions

Each division is headed by one ELSA Advisory Board Member, but composed of multiple, coordinated committees or individual positions. These divisions may meet on an ad hoc basis or on a formal rotation, depending on the demands and needs of the committees and members. If you would like to learn more about a specific division, committee, or position, contact information is provided below.

Operations Division

The Operations Division serves as ELSA’s functional core. Operations committees and positions manage information, organizational direction, and campus messaging initiatives. The head of the Operations Division also stands as the Convener for ELSA as a whole.

ELSA Convener/Operations Division Head: Heidi Pettyjohn, Testing Services, heidi.pettyjohn@uc.edu

Operations Advisory Board Positions
Recorder: Vacant
Treasurer: Sarah Strouse, Department of Sociology, sarah.strouse@uc.edu
Membership Chair: Ciara Black, Ethnic Programs and Services, black2ca@ucmail.uc.edu

Communications Division

The Communications Division will work to keep ELSA members updated and connected.

Division Head: Fran Larkin, Center for Community Engagement, fran.larkin@uc.edu

Communications Committee
Publications: The ELSA publications committee works to coordinate campus-wide information and creates informational materials such as newsletters or proposals. Contact: Becca Hammond, Residence Education and Development, rebecca.hammond@uc.edu

Communications Advisory Board Positions
Listserv Management: Samantha Foltz, Parents Association, samantha.foltz@uc.edu
Website Management: Fran Larkin, Center for Community Engagement, fran.larkin@uc.edu
Social Media Management: Katherine Vance, Disability Services Office,  katherine.vance@uc.edu

Programming Division

The programming division coordinates campus-wide events promoting and enacting ELSA’s core values.

Division Head: Lauren Clark, Learning Assistance Center, lauren.clark@uc.edu

Programming Committees
Professional Development: The ELSA professional committee organizes the Staff Workshop and Colloquium series in addition to ad hoc events to promote a culture of scholarship and professionalism. Contact: Lauren Clark, Learning Assistance Center, lauren.clark@uc.edu.

Community and Campus Service: The ELSA Community and Campus service committee organizes events and projects that allow UC employees to give back to the campus and surrounding community. This committee also coordinates UC Serves, a campus-wide service event in Cincinnati. Contact: Michela Buccini, UCBA Academic Advising Center, michela.buccini@uc.edu.

Mentoring Committee: The Mentoring Committee organizes events to promote organic networking and create connections amongst mid-level and leadership-level staff. Contact: Becca Hammond, Residence Education and Development, rebecca.hammond@uc.edu