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A little bit about the Gift:

Who does this involve?
YOU! All UC Seniors are asked to consider giving a donation.

What is this even about?
Every year since the 1960s, a new board of Senior Class Officers are chosen to lead the campaign and decide where they would like to send the donations that are raised.

Where will the donations go?
This year, your Senior Class Officers have chosen to partner with the Architect’s office to support the installation of a UC garden. This garden will represent the colleges of the University - symbolizing that we are OneUc! Keep in mind, if you would like to give to another area of campus, you can specify where you would like your donation to go.

When can I give a gift if I’m interested?
NOW! No matter if you’re graduating in the fall or the spring, now is the time to give! The campaign is now open for donations and will remain open until June 30, 2017.

It’s tradition! You might be thinking, “Why would I give a donation when I am still paying tuition and student loans?” Our answer is that every donation that we receive helps to increase the value of your diploma. So, make your diploma worth more by making your first alumni donation. Many of UC’s alumni participated in this initiative when they were seniors, and the greater support we give our alma mater, the better our world-class facilities, programs and reputation become.

How does this process all work?
Participation is KEY! Our participation goal this year is to get 400-500 students involved. So GIVE NOW!

We also want to make it clear that you do not need to make your donation in one lump sum. We are all college students and probably don’t have $100 laying around your room. You will have the ability to split up your donation and spread out your payments so that your wallet doesn’t take a huge dip all at once!


How to give a gift:

  1. Click “Make a Gift Today” or “Give Now.”
  2. Select your gift amount or type in total gift amount you would like to donate.
  3. Choose a gift designation - Senior Class Gift fund is already selected by default.
    1. If you wish to support a different fund, select Other and type the department or program fund name in the "Additional Information" section below.
  4. Fill in your UCID/M# and t-shirt size (Sizes: S-XXL) in the "Additional Information" section.
  5. Fill out the billing information section.
  6. Fill out the payment information section.
    1. If you want to spread your gift over multiple designations or spread out your payments, please call 513-556-6781.
  7. Press “DONATE NOW.”

Information about incentives:

Green Cords:

Where and when do I pick up my green cord? You will get a separate email notifying you when you can pick up your cord.  Hopefully it will be when you pick up your cap and gown.