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Senior Class

Senior Class Honor Roll

The Senior Class Honor Roll page recognizes those students who have made a contribution to the senior class gift or to a designation of their choice. This list is updated on a weekly basis.

Rock of Truth

Ethan McAlphine
Scott Smith
Taylor Melick
Christina Beer

Tower of Strength

Cathy Hansen
Melanie Titanic-Schefft
Austin Castro
Cody Kratzer
Ross Leugers
Andrew Pfriem
Kevin Siegle
Gregory Marquez

Loyal Children

Daniel Ampthor
Libby Bricker
Chantel Brown
Jessica Crawford
Andalyn Dugan
Kathryn Gleason
Meghan Hartman
Alexander Johnson
Courtney Kaylor
Laura Kriener
Ryan Malott
Haley Mason
Leveta McFarland
Amanda Moore
Janis Tse
Gage Wooley
Bonnie Emmer
Toni Sanchez
Renee Carlson
Carole Huhn
Kaitlin Grace
Amarjit Gakhal
Matthew Evans
Craig Welsch
Christian Kalin

The Senior Class of 2014 would like to thank the following Sponsors for their support:

University of Cincinnati Foundation