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Student Safety Board is the branch of Student Government that partners with UC Public Safety. We serve as the liaison between all branches of Public Safety (including UCPD) and the students of this University. Some of our focus areas are personal safety, alcohol safety and awareness, healthy living, crime prevention, and organizational safety.

We are advocates for our university public safety workers and work to build positive relationships between our police officers and students.


Our meetings are held on Thursdays at 7pm in TUC 419 A&B, with a small exception for September of 2016 where our meetings will start at 7:30pm.

Student Safety Board works for you, and because of that we encourage feedback and suggestions. We are always looking for relevant guest speakers or organizations to present to us. You can reach us by email at #BeSmartBeSafe


Twitter Handle: @SafetyBoardUC

Instagram: @SafetyBoardUC

Email any questions or suggestions to


Get Involved

SSB Recruitment is always conducted in the Fall semester. If there is a need, recruitment will also be conducted in the Spring semester.

Our recruitment process begins with our info sessions, whereupon we usually have 3 in the fall. These are not mandatory but attendance at an info session is highly encouraged. Our application can be found on our Campus Link page ( under forms. Applications will be reviewed and interviews will be given to a small number of candidates. After all interviews have been completed, the Board will vote at the following meeting of which new members to admit.