Annual Report
UCAA CommitteeWork
The UC Alumni Association’s work in FY12 was driven by the work of its volunteers
serving on several committees.
Finance Committee
Carolyn Karageorges, Chair
Provides necessary oversight and counsel to ensure UCAA’s financial resources are
accurately and appropriately managed.
Fundraising Committee
Kirby S. Neumann, Chair
Seeks to identify and leverage opportunities to realize and maximize revenue generation
to advance the UCAA’s work, including securing private gifts, corporate sponsorships and
strategic partnerships.
Programs & Services Committee, Jennifer S. Schuster, Chair
Works with UCAA staff to identify engagement opportunities that meet alumni needs,
and helps to coordinate their development and execution.
Strategic Development Committee, Thomas M. Vinciguerra, Chair
Works with UCAA leadership to chart the organization’s future course, including
developing UCAA’s strategic plan and the means by which progress will be measured.
House Committee, Michael J. Ruehlman, Chair
Provides oversight on issues relating to the practical and strategic usage, as well as future
development, of the Myers Alumni Center.
To learn more about serving on a UC Alumni Association volunteer committee, contact
513-556-4344 (877-4-
UCALUM toll-free)
Development of UCAA’s Strategic Plan
This Annual Report is organized according to the framework provided by the UCAA’s revised
strategic plan. The plan was revisited and adapted from an earlier version dating back to 2007-08.
The UCAA created a Strategic Planning Subcommittee in 2011 to develop a document that would
align with the strategic plan effort undertaken by the UC Foundation around the same time. The
subcommittee’s work formed the basis for the UCAA strategic plan, which was “finalized” in the
spring of 2012. However, the plan is meant to be a living document, updated annually by the
collective efforts of key volunteer leaders and UCAA and UC staff.