Strategic Goal: Engage and Connect Alumni
The 2011-12 fiscal year (July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012) was marked by challenge, growth
and success in serving the interests of the UC community and UC Alumni Family. Activities
for the year can be categorized under the three overarching goals that drive the work of the
University of Cincinnati Alumni Association, per the organization’s newly revised strategic plan:
Engage and Connect Alumni
The UC Alumni Association seeks to engage ever-increasing numbers of alumni, students,
friends and stakeholders through an array of compelling initiatives, programs, events, services,
communications and volunteer opportunities that build alumni interest, loyalty and affinity with
the university. The diversity of the available opportunities reflects the diversity of the alumni family
and the many ways we foster engagement and connections.
Support Students (Current and Future)
The all-important, lifelong relationship between the university and its students begins when they
first commit to attend UC, and continues through all subsequent stages of their lives. Because an
outstanding student experience is the foundation of a strong and involved alumni base, the UC
Alumni Association focuses on enhancing this relationship before graduation as well as after.
Strengthen UC and Support UC2019
UC’s institutional strength depends largely on the degree of involvement, commitment and
support from its alumni. A robust alumni community and a thriving alumni association greatly
benefit the university and everyone connected to it. The UC Alumni Association continues to
strengthen its partnerships with various units, colleges and constituent groups to advance UC in
every way.