Annual Report
With the College of Nursing,
UCAA co-hosted about 250
attendees for a videofeed of a live
national Leadercast event in May,
featuring a panel of leadership
UCAA continued to grow
its Bearcats Blitz football pre-
game events, including sold-out
reserved tailgating and activities
inside and outside of Myers
Alumni Center, and featuring guest
speaker Whit Babcock, Director of
UCAA hosted an Alumni Nights
event prior to a home men’s
basketball game — a “basketball
tailgate” for 161 alumni and
Spreading theWord
It’s imperative that all stakeholders
become aware of the great work
of the University of Cincinnati, as
well as the unique contributions
of the UC Alumni Association and
abundant opportunities available
through UCAA. To that end, UCAA
worked diligently with its partners
at the colleges, the UC Foundation
and UC overall to provide
accessibility for its programs,
services, events and while creating
visibility for its organizational
successes. Each opportunity
received dedicated and targeted
communications and marketing.
Proudly Cincinnati
e-newsletter, compiled by UCAA
and edited by the UC Foundation,
was sent to 120,000+ alumni and
donors each month, providing
updates on UC and UCAA news.
UCAA contributed content for
the UC Foundation’s quarterly
UCWhere You Are
providing information and insight
for alumni living outside of
Cincinnati. Issues were distributed
in February and May 2012 to an
average of 119,000 alumni outside
the Cincinnati area, offering
profiles of accomplished alumni
across the country.
Issues of
UC Magazine
mailed to about 75,000 (hard copy)
and 120,000 (electronic version)
alumni and friends twice during
the fiscal year. October 2011:
Full coverage of the “Rivercity
Homecoming,” the Loyal Bearcat
Society for UCAA donors, the
UCAA scholarships program, and
a profile of new UCAA Board of
Governors. April 2012: Several
compelling alumni profiles
depicting UC’s international
identity and influence, a post-
Homecoming spread, and
coverage of the UC Distinguished
Alumni Celebration and UCAA’s
alumni awards for 2012.
UCAA issued regular reports to
the UC and UC Foundation boards
to keep leadership apprised of
organizational initiatives and
strategic priorities.
The use of New Media skyrocketed
among UCAA stakeholders,
which helped raise awareness of
UCAA activities. Notably, these
developments assisted in reaching
the critical Young Professionals
demographic (age 25-34), which
is easily the most active group
on UCAA’s Facebook and Twitter
communities. The year also
featured an expanded UCAA
presence via such online channels
as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter,
YouTube and others.
The top visited pages were
Homecoming, UCAA Scholarships,
Jobs, UCWhere You Are
information and resources
for alumni living outside of
Cincinnati), Alumni Perks, and
A new UCAA mobile website and
three mobile versions of UCAA’s
web-based apps were developed
in May 2012, including forms for