Annual Report
Support Students (Current and Future)
The UC Alumni Association’s constituency includes everyone who passes through the university,
or is even committed to doing so. In that way, UCAA serves current students as well as those
admitted students who have not yet enrolled; all are Bearcats. Through a growing array of
programs and services, UCAA works to positively shape the connections between student and
university, thus building a strong foundation for a mutually beneficial lifelong relationship.
UCAA hosted its traditional Commencement receptions for new grads and their families and
friends. An estimated 700 attended the December 2011 all-university reception, and the three
June 2012 all-university Commencement receptions drew 1,800+. In addition, 75+ attended a
special reception for international students two weeks prior to their June 2012 graduation, and
attended the Graduating Senior Open House in June. UCAA also was represented at the CECH
Distance Learning program celebration (50+ attendees) and Tyehimba Celebration where UCAA’s
African American Alumni Affiliate hosted about 500.
UCAA’s Scholarship program, which stewards four distinct scholarship funds, awarded 70
scholarships: 21 incoming freshmen received the Demakes Legacy Scholarship for lineal
descendants of UCAA-supporting alumni parents or grandparents; 40 current students received the
UCAA Legacy Scholarship that also goes to outstanding lineal descendants; seven students received
the Regional Alumni Network Scholarship as they came from those network cities to begin their
UC careers; and two upperclassmen received the Kacher-Bloom Memorial Scholarship. Over the
year, applications for UCAA’s various scholarships rose 13% over FY11. UCAA also hosted its annual
Demakes Legacy Scholarship Reception to recognize the Demakes scholars and thank donors.
UC’s 2011 Homecoming festivities featured a week’s worth of activities and opportunities for
current students, including the traditional King & Queen process and the parade float competition.
UCAA’s student organization, the Student Alumni Council (SAC), provided a strong connection
between the alumni and student communities. SAC students served on a variety of committees and
assisted with many initiatives targeted toward their fellow students, UCAA and the alumni family,
and the university in general. This included the development of the fifth edition of the acclaimed
Red & Black
a “How to be a Bearcat” guidebook distributed free to all freshmen at Convocation, and
execution of Sibs Weekend in May, which drew 73 students and younger brothers and sisters.
UCAA partnered with volunteers in Chicago, Indianapolis and Columbus for Summer Send-off
events in August 2011 to provide a warm welcome to incoming freshmen and their families.
UCAA helped stage “Football 101,” an introduction to American football attended by 150
international students.