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Adrienne Larson '13 (UCBA)

After a 32 year break from U.C., I returned to finally get my Bachelors degree. Something I always wanted! I received my associates from U.C. Blue Ash in 1978 and always felt I had shorted myself by not going after that BA. I was the first student to enroll in the new BTAS program at U.C. Blue Ash and in 3.5 years I finished and have now
fulfilled a life time goal. Fifty something really is the new thirty something. That's how old I feel but with a lot more wisdom. Not to mention I am graduating with a 3.9 GPA!My youngest son and I shared 1 term of school together. He was in his last term as I was in my first, both of us at U.C.

One of my associates credits on current events qualified as a history credit for my BA. Now that was funny!

To learn more about the BTAS program at UCBA and UC Clermont, visit the link here: