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Ahmed Fahad '17 (CECH)

Ahmed Fahad

I am an international student from Iraq. I have achieved the following as a graduate student at UC:

1. Get an “A” grade in my first Semester, the spring 2013 semester.

2. Get an “A” grade in the fall 2013 semester.

3. Get selected by the school of education to teach at their ESL center as an Adjunct professor.

4. Get re-elected as the president of the Graduate Students Association of the Literacy and Second language studies department, college of education, University of Cincinnati.

5. In the Summer of 2013, university of Cincinnati and IREX (International Research and Exchange Board) selected me as a Mentor and tutor to their ten Iraqi students arrived the University of Cincinnati as part of the Summer English Language Study (SELS) program which provided opportunities for undergraduate students from selected Iraqi Universities to engage in intensive English Language Study at U.S. universities.

6. I have represented my country at a conference at the George Washington University entitled, “The Encounter: Americans, Iraqis, and a Decade of War.” I highlighted the importance of education to foster mutual understanding between the peoples of Iraq and the USA. I gave example of our great HCED and the amazing results achieved so far as a beacon of hope for the strategic agreement between U.S. and Iraq

7. I am now a key team member in the University of Cincinnati (UC) $ 3000 grant to develop and produce course curricula and materials for professional development and leadership training of US Embassy exchange program alumni from Iraq. I am the only international student who gets selected for such UC big grants as this one. The manager of this program is Dr. Holly Johnson, the Associate dean of the college of education at UC.

8. My research proposal for the Tenth International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry has been accepted. It will be held in May, 21 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

9. My adviser, Dr. Cate Crosby and I are working on a research that will be funded by UC. The research will investigate the challenges that Iraqi graduate students face when they arrived USA and started their ESL programs. This program will hopefully improve the University practices to help Iraqi new comer students get adjusted to the couture and their ESL study.

10. I have been given a faculty status at UC due to my teaching services at the college of education, Center for ESL. I now have both a UC faculty and student accounts.

11. I have participated as a facilitator at the Ohio TESOL conference held in Columbus, Ohio, 2013.