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Allyson Moyer '07 (A&S)

Allyson Moyer

Three years into my college career I welcomed my son into the world. Being a June baby and UC being on quarters, starting in September, it worked out. Unfortunately my local housing did not. Back to Dayton, Ohio I moved with my newborn and the determination to not take time off from school. Around this time I decided to change my major from Early Childhood Education to Women's Studies, why not add a little more to my plate; right? So with a 3 month old baby, an hour one way commute, and an added two years, due to my major change, I continued with one of the most valuable decisions I had ever made. It was hard and I don't really know how I balanced being a mom, student, and working part time, but I finished with a degree in Women's Studies with Cum Laude Latin Honors. The professors in the Women's Studies Department and my fellow Women's Studies students forever changed my life in such a positive way that I can never show enough gratitude.

My son was the reason I kept going, the support of my family made it possible, the academic and life experience education I received influences me every day. That is my UC story! Started one way and ended in place I had never imagined. The picture is of me and my almost two year old son (who is now 8!) after the Commencement Ceremony; it is one of my proudest moments in my life.