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Andrew Rickbrodt '19 (CEAS)

Andrew Rickbrodt

I am a senior at St. Vincent- St. Mary high school in Akron, Ohio. When I was in the second grade, I was diagnosed with Dyslexia. My parents were told I was never going to amount to anything, just going to be a nobody. Through grade school and middle school, I was treated differently than the rest of the students. Some teachers tried to treat me as if I was a rock on the ground and others treated me like I was mentally handicapped. Either way, it was no way to treat a student with dyslexia. From these experiences, I learned that I had to work harder than everyone else. With myself and my parents "fed up" with how I was treated, we decided that I should leave the local public school and attend a Catholic High School so I would no longer have to deal with how bad teachers and students treat me. I was accepted at St. Vincent-St. Mary, but I was put into "basic" classes. I worked as hard as I could to be moved up and after one semester, I was placed into all College Prep. classes. I continued to work, earning at least merit role every quarter of my high school career. Now as a Senior, I am in two AP courses and plan on taking one AP test (AP Euro) this upcoming May. Plus I was accepted into my first choice college, University of Cincinnati. Never once have I let Dyslexia be something to hold me back. I have only used it as a motivation, something that forced me to keep pushing no matter how large of a challenge was in front of me. That's what makes me Cincinnati Smart!