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Ashley Nkadi '16 (A&S)

Ashley Nkadi

I'm Cincinnati Smart because I have truly made UC work for me. I am a Cincinnatus Presidential Scholar studying Neuropsychology here at UC. I have utilized this scholarship to network with various individuals, learn about all the opportunities here at UC, and even sit behind Barack Obama in special seating at his political rally on campus and shake his hand as he exited! In addition I am a University Honors Student, which I have used to travel the world and create unique experiences for myself. Through honors I was able to travel to Dubai to study art and architecture as well as venture to South Africa and Botswana to explore public health. UC has also led me to do other amazing feats such as: volunteer at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical center, research ADHD at UC's Children's Cognitive Research Lab, serve as a Teacher's Assistant for a Human Sexuality Course, and work at a syringe exchange facility helping to reduce harm in the drug-using community in Greater Cincinnati. That's just the beginning! UC also has several diverse organizations I am a part of (a few of which I sit on the executive board)! I enjoy being a part of Globemed (serving on the Communications and Benefit Dinner committees), the Asian-American Association (to serve next year on the Midwest Dhamaka Executive Board, and the United Black Student Association (serving in the past as Marketing Chair and presently as Information Director). I have truly maximized my college experience and tailored my education to suit myself. I've had a diverse array of experiences I never would have dreamed of, and will continue to work with UC to make my experience here a dream!