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Elise Keeler '09 (Lindner)

Elise Keeler

UC was my dream school, and the only way my Mom would allow me to attend was if I paid some of the way. Therefore, I graduated in June of 2009 with approximately $15,000 in student loans. I started making payments right away, and I always rounded up. If my payment was $175, I paid $200. Little by little and month by month, I saw the balance continue to decrease. In February, I received an Annual Bonus, and I decided to take that and pay off my student loans. I can officially say that as of March 10th, 2014, I'm officially student loan FREE. I believe my pay off timeframe was 15 years, and I did it in 5! I'm excited to be out of debt, but now I'm seeking my next step - Grad School! That's what makes meCincinnati Smart!