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Glenn Kleier '72 (A&S)

Glen Klier

By virtue of its curriculum, the University of Cincinnati is among the premier universities in the country. What sets it apart from the others is the context in which it delivers that education. The ideal college experience as enriching today as it was years ago when I was an undergrad.

Three lasting impressions:

The campus is state-of-the-art, with progressive infrastructure and facilities - academic, athletic, and recreational. But the university has had the wisdom to modernize without sacrificing the historic features that make us alums feel at home when we visit. It’s the only major university to keep its sports venues in the very heart of campus, convenient to all. Nippert Stadium occupies the same, scenic bowl it did more than a century ago, updated without losing any charm. Quite nostalgic to watch a game from the very spot I did as a freshman.

Also unchanged is the park on the campus doorstep, Burnett Woods, maintained just as it was the days I and friends used to stroll its streetlamped sidewalks in autumn, ice-skate on its pond in winter, enjoy live concerts at its bandstand in spring. Still the perfect place to sit under a tree with a good book - or iPad.

And not least, the university sits atop one of seven hills comprising the most majestic cityscape this side of the Mississippi, minutes away from world-class professional sports, arts, entertainment and countless other year-round attractions.

That's the environment in which I earned my degree. I left UC with not only a topnotch education, but feeling well-rounded and fulfilled, with knowledge, friends, and memories that inform me and my writing to this day. UC is the complete package.

That's Cincinnati Smart.