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Hannah Ensor '14 (Lindner)

Hannah Ensor

I started off at UC as a transfer student in my sophomore year. I had chosen to study Aerospace Engineering at UC, but after a full quarter in the program I realized it wasn't quite what I wanted. I began to look a some other program options and stumbled upon the BSIM program. After meeting with Ruth Seiple and talking with my dad, I was convinced the BSIM program was perfect for me. I am so glad I switched to it - it was by far the best decision I have made regarding my education at UC. Because the program is so math heavy, I decided to minor in mathematics. I love UC and can't wait to be a 2014 graduate! I learn new things every day in class and I love the opportunities I have had in some of my operations classes to tour plants and also to listen to guest speaker panels on campus. I have one semester left after this one, and I can't wait to graduate UC Cincinnati Smart!