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Jeff Back '18 (DAAP)


Jeff Back

I am Cincinnati Smart not only because I chose to attend the No. 1 industrial design program in the nation, but also because I chose to minor in marketing and sales through the Carl H. Lindner College of Business. Named a Top University Sales Program in 2012 by the Sales Education Foundation, UC's Center for Professional Selling will assist me tremendously in my abilities to sell myself to potential employers as well as pitch ideas within a company.

I may not be looking for a career in professional selling, but a sales education at the University of Cincinnati will undoubtedly give me a professional edge as an industrial designer. As I look years down the road toward graduation, I am Cincinnati Smart because I'm preparing myself for a career in industrial design through an education in professional sales.

Be it my educational pursuits, organizational involvement or volunteer service at the University of Cincinnati, I'm taking full advantage of the countless opportunities made readily available to me by UC's top-tier programs in design and business. By taking part in interdisciplinary programs across the university, I'm preparing myself to enter the workforce as a skilled young professional.

I'm Cincinnati Smart because I am a student at the entire University of Cincinnati!