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John Goering '56 (Lindner)

John Goering

John Goering has been building his brand of "smart" with the university, dating back to more than 50 years ago. John was a UC co-op student beginning in 1951, before earning his bachelor's (1956) and master's (1960) degrees from the College of Business. He served as assistant professor of accounting and assistant to the dean of the College of Business from 1963-67, and then UC registrar and associate vice provost from 1967-75. But his biggest contribution is the establishment of the Goering Center for Family and Private Business in 1989. With his generous endowment, the Goering Center has grown to become North America's largest university based family business center that nurtures and educates family businesses to drive a vibrant economy. John continues to be a contributing benefactor and active board member today. His most recent contribution has furthered education and research of family business through the Lindner College of Business. Now that's Cincinnati Smart!