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Keith Hines '14 (CECH)

Keith Hines

I'm a late bloomer. At 30 I decided to become a UC student. I took the Cincinnati Crossroads transfer program and an Associate's degree from Cincinnati State up the hill to Clifton.

I was apprehensive about the larger campus and being a non-traditional student… and being “old”, but those concerns quickly evaporated. Being on UC’s campus was a great experience for me. I couldn’t believe all the amenities available to the students. A fitness center, a movie theater, and a pub… and honest to God pub right on campus! However, there is more to UC than just great craft beers.

The IT faculty is second to none. They prepared me for the full-time job I was already working. I had just started an IT job when I came to UC, and I had no idea what I was doing. Working through this curriculum gave me great confidence on the job, and directly lead to three promotions. My salary has more than doubled since becoming a UC student.

Additionally, my wife and I had our first child during my first year as a Bearcat, and our second came as I was working on my senior programming project. My son and daughter both attended CECH’s Tech Expo and both will be present tomorrow to see their “Dada” graduate.

I may be a late bloomer, but I’m a UC Smart late bloomer. Go Bearcats!