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Kelly O'Brien '15 (A&S)

Kelly O'Brien

The University of Cincinnati is an established pioneer of higher education innovation that has served as an example in both educational and extra-curricular practices to other colleges and institutions.

Through working for the university as both a student worker and as an intern, I have come to understand from a first-hand account how UC has strategically renovated and improved collegiate development over the years. As a Student Writer in the marketing department at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Nursing, I am proud to contribute to the nation’s first college of nursing to offer a fully accredited BSN degree and nursing clinical program. Recently, I received the opportunity to work on the college’s innovative iCoN campaign for its sophomore BSN students –the first college-wide iPad roll-out that UC has ever implemented. 

Over the 2013 Summer Semester, I interned for the UC Division of Professional Practice and Experiential Learning’s Academic Internship Program. Here is another institution that presently embodies the university’s previous nationwide milestones in serving as the first university to offer a co-op program. Through my time as an intern, it became evident that experiential learning, whether gained through co-op, interning, research or service, fosters future leaders and innovators just as much as a sound education in the classroom, both of which are intrinsic to UC.

"Cincinnati Smart" means not only continuing existing successful practices, but also developing and investing in new initiatives that engender future improvement across a spectrum of fields, industries and populations. I am honored to work for and attend a university that has clearly dedicated its energy and resources to providing excellent student experience both in and out of the classroom! 

That's Cincinnati Smart.