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Kristin Siconolfi-Tolle '06 (DAAP)

Kristin Siconolfi-Tolle

University of Cincinnati and the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning not only made me #CincinnatiSmart but Cincinnati Tough. The rigors of the DAAP program provided me with not only the knowledge I needed in the art world, but the creative problem solving skills needed in the world of art galleries and art education. DAAP pushed me for four years to be constantly thinking outside the box and to never reject an idea. My peers and my professors constantly provided me with encouragement and critique to be the best, and when you are in DAAP, you are with the best of the best. The presentation skills I gained through multiple art exhibitions and DAAPworks is priceless. Because of UC and DAAP, I have prestige on my resume that many respect, but I also have credibility. That is what makes me #CincinnatiSmart