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Laksh Khurana '14 (Lindner)

Laksh Khurana

I am from New Delhi, India which is far across the globe from here. When I came here in 2012, I didn't expect Cincinnati to grow on me so quickly and with such great impact. I think it’s because of all the people that surrounded me here and the people who sent out positive energy from India and I am grateful to my friends and family for that. I believe that I have grown exponentially ever since I came here and have achieved a lot, academically, intellectually and personally.

I am an MBA student at UC and I’m also pursuing a certificate in Entrepreneurship here. I had the honor of working with Dr. Charles Matthews on multiple occasions and with other brilliant faculty members as well. I am a proud member of Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity which oozes with professionalism and awesomeness and the Net Impact Chapter which was revived recently thanks to the collective efforts of all those who worked with me. I also got a chance to work at UC as a Graduate Teaching Assistant (Shout out to Professor Burrell. You, sir, are Awesome) and the LCB Helpdesk with an amazing and knowledgeable team.

There are, however, two experiences which stand out the most in my life at UC. One was being able to meet Santa Ono and being invited to his place for dinner along with his family. And the other was to be able to start my own company; Sustain-a-Watt Energy Solutions LLC. Our flagship product, the Powergenie, turned a lot of heads and we won several accolades for our work on it. It is a patent pending Wi-Fi enabled powerstrip which saves energy by targeting and eliminating the consumption of standby energy that all our devices draw. I am the CFO and the Director of Sales and I have learnt a lot of valuable skills from this venture.

For all these reasons and more, I believe I am Cincinnati Smart. And to those who are considering donning the red and black colors, let me give you something that I read on a bumper sticker or the back of a book and I guess it just left an impression on me. Success belongs to those who try the hardest. BOOM. Go Bearcats.