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Miranda Brafford '18 (A&S)

Miranda Brafford

I am a senior at Harrison High School and I have been a prospective student at UC since I had a student government trip on the campus. I will graduate with 12 bio-medical science credits and more experience than most of the applicants. I am part of a program called Project Lead the Way (biomed) which gives students biology knowledge while showing us the effect these things have on our lives! I know how to test DNA with gel electrophoris and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay tests. I have looked at many cases and done diagnosis on fake patients according to medical protocol, all while being a normal high school student. PLTW is not part of a vocation; it is class offered as a normal course at my shcool and there are only 11 girls who have made it to the third and fourth class this year and I am one of them. The academically challenging course has been the cause of many career changes, but not mine. I have developed a strong desire to do this kind of work for the rest of my life (getting my education at UC of course). Something new that we are joining this year is HOSA which stands for Health Occupational Students of America. It is a competition for students all over America to go head to head and improve their medical knowledge and skills. Our way of taking job skills and knowledge outside of the classroom is what makes me Cincinnati Smart. Because I want to continue being ahead in skills and highly competitive, there is no where I would rather be than at the University of Cincinnati.