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Natalie Tyler '16 (A&S)

Natalie Tyler

Over the past 14 weeks, I have been interning at Gorman Heritage Farm working side by side with the Head Gardener. Gorman Heritage Farm is a local organic farm that focuses on educating visitors about the history and natural processes of the farm.

During my time working with the Head Gardener, I learned a lot about how to farm organically. Most importantly, I learned to love weeding. Since chemicals are not used as treatment for pests at Gorman, we manually picked weeds in the Market Garden. The Market Garden is the area where produce is grown for the farm’s CSA.

Gorman hosts a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program with two pick-ups a week. To join a CSA here, one pays a set price at the beginning of the season and picks up his or her basket each week. They offer a work-share discount where volunteer hours take off a certain amount of money from the total cost. To aide in preparation for the CSA each week, I assisted the gardener in harvesting produce, weighing, and bagging for each customer’s basket.

Besides just selling the organically grown produce, I planted many of the different varieties of vegetables from seed, and learned how to transplant them to bigger pots, and eventually plant them outside.

This hands-on experience was a huge eye-opener. I learned more about gardening than I ever had learned from reading in books, and I know that this knowledge will help me in whatever career I choose to pursue.